Sunday, July 1, 2012


A new term has become popular on CM, a fad like many others. It's protocol, and it is loosely defined as a very structured lifestyle with often very strict behavior rules. Things associated are like eye restrictions, speech restrictions, very specific schedules, etc.

It sounds an awful lot like military training, doesn't it?  With a female drill sergeant.

While I have no trouble with micro-managing a partner, the last thing on the planet I would ever seek is for him to never speak. It seems to me that this is just what many men would like: to not have to talk about their feelings or learn how to be emotionally supportive. They get to do the tasks assigned that provide them with comfort and arousal *and* they don't have to hear about all that girly mushy stuff.

Okay..... How exactly is this not selfishness? How does this benefit a woman unless she's completely unidimensional? I mean really. Okay so she's got a clean house and sexual service on command.... But where is the relationship part?  Maybe this is fine for a part time playmate you don't care about but who could sustain a relationship like this? Who would want to? Not I!

This falls under several categories of kink I find completely disingenuous, that are all sold as "ways to serve", but serve no one but the sub. I find the whole thing distasteful.

If you serve me, it's to serve my needs.  If you are only interested in your own, you already lost my interest.  I'm not here to be a provider of your kink for you, and I'll be damned if I'm going to take on another job in my life, for example, milking your prostate every day.  Um, no.  If we are even going to pretend that this is about me, then this is not how it works at all.

I don't find taking on another job even remotely sexy.  I find a boy doing things for me without self interest, however, very sexy, very loving, and very appealing.


  1. I believe there is a proper place for protocol, or simply rules for a husband to follow. Maybe not all men, but my guy does best when a more or less firm structure is provided to guide him in his service. For example, when the two of us are along there is no restriction related to him talking. However, if there is another woman present, he generally dosen't speak unless spoken to. Having this rule in place makes life more confortable for both of us. Also, I like a man to greet with a simple curtsy. It dosen't need to be much. If in a public location, a slight bend of the knee is fine. No one ever notices. In the privacy of our home John knows that a deeper bend of the knee is apporopriate. The rules of order, protoccol if you will help a man to uderstand what type of behavior you are looking for. As a simple example a man should always stand up when you enter the room. My husband knows to stand any time a female enters the room he is in, even his sister. Much of protocol
    is simply good manners for the submisive husband. Love, Kathy

  2. The rules you have outlined are not the problem. It's the expectation of a rigidly ruled lifestyle that becomes more than a little "ritualistic" and the constant source of monitoring is what I have a problem with. I didn't intend to sign onto a second job neither monitoring a man nor his penis. I don't want to spend that much of my day focused on how he obeyed lists and lists of protocol rules. There's a level at which this goes nuts, and is no longer fun.

  3. My wife is naturally dominant, and it is amazing to let her to do her thing and micro-manage me. As competitive as I am out in the work world, I get weak kneed whenever she lists off the things she needs me to thing about or attend to. Whenever I follow her lead more, she relaxes and commands more. There is a weird equilibrium we reach when she can rule to her heart's content, I try to follow and then I ask her whether she's happy with my performance. She is so kind she would never criticize me, but her acknowledgement she has become completely reliant on me is all I need to hear!